Animal Jam Comes Out As A Game Changer For Children Games

To be honest I as more aware of Animal Jam as a book for children than a gaming application. It was recently that I stumbled across the game in my mobile app store. Being an animal lover, I decided to check out the game and find out what it was all about. It will not be wrong to say that the application form of a children’s magazine heightened my interest. The game does not stand to disappoint one bit. The crystal clear graphics and animations along with the easy interface made it my immediate favorite.

The game was established in the year 2010 by Wild Works and saw it launch in September of the same year. Since its inception, it has been one of the most preferred virtual games. It currently has over fifty million players who continue to grow. The premise of the game is in the fictitious country of Jamaa. The characters are mostly player created and biomes. While registering for the game, I had to create my character by using a three part name. I had the liberty to change its virtual clothing and also control the environment of the gameplay.

Though it has a quite a few adult players, Animal Jam is primarily for kids of about ten years and above. The age group can also be referred to as tween appropriate. Thus, the game has strong privacy protection policy to safeguard the children. The game permits chat but in restricted form. Restricted chats allow the gamers just to type certain phrases or words as messages.  Bubble chats do not require the player to type a message, but a player is allowed to choose that one option as a message from the list of pre-approved word.  Safe chat is an option where players can type freely, but those chats pass through safety filters for protection.  I found the safety precautions of the game to be quite valid.

Since being associated with the National Geographic, Animal Jam provides educational content. This content often includes facts and videos related to animals and nature. Throughout the game, I found messages, activities, and points that concern the problem of environmental degradation and how to prevent it. On completing each of the level, in was provided with some or the other educational fact. The interesting part was that never was the same fact repeated. This game is not only informative for kids but also for adults like me. This is why all guys try to get animal jam free membership codes to play this game and take pleasure of being a superstar.

The game has an in-game finance mode. These currencies are referred to as diamonds and gems. Diamonds are slightly more valuable than gems. To order to acquire gems, I had to cross level and work out on a dynamic gameplay. Diamonds however needed to be purchased for the better part. The normal way where I could collect diamond was to wait for wait for the tricky daily spin. It is also given out to all the members one time every week. I had the provision to collect more items by the player to player. In these exchanges, the players offer products shown on their trade list, and the interested player can opt for the required product.